Ghosts in the Graveyard

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Ghosts in the Graveyard: And Other Tales

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...worth the read and an enjoyable way to spend half an hour...

These are very short stories, only just long enough to sketch out the details of the characters and what is happening. They range from blends of the mystical and real life, to ordinary slice-of-life pieces, which are enjoyable in their own right and many of which focus on adult fears: the loss of a child for example. Some of the stories struck me as slightly shallow: I would have liked more details and a more complex picture of what was happening, but given the length that is expected. When she’s writing longer form, Kathleen Maclure is an excellent writer, and her last story, Sympathetic Magic, is both the longest and the strongest as far as this reviewer was concerned at least.

It is a short, entertaining, collection and an ideal lunchtime read, especially if you can get it free.

The cover drew my eye and was the reason I picked this up, even if the illustration made me expect ghost stories more than the fairy (and modern faerie) tales contained within. There’s nothing wrong with the formatting and I can’t fault the spelling and grammar. The only thing that did bother me was the length of some of the stories, but for an author to leave a reader wanting more is no bad thing. It doesn’t leave a long impression or evoke great emotions, but it is worth the read and an enjoyable way to spend half an hour.

Rating: 4
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Miranda (17 April 2017)
I loved Kathleen's last book and I know I won't be disappointed this time either. I got this book already but it's going to be a few days until I can read it owing to the fact that there are a few others in the line in front of it. Thanks for the great review.

Meryl (18 April 2017)
This is one that I've got to have. I like short stories and depending on the mood I'm in, sometimes I prefer them to longer stories that require more of a time investment to get to the end. Thanks for sharing the review.

HattieMoon (17 May 2017)
A charming, eclectic set of stories which stayed with me for a good while after reading. I am recommending this for a book club my friend is starting - short stories are easier for groups to read, and these are bound to give members plenty to talk about.

HighSparrow (22 May 2017)
Nice review. I personally like short stories. It's probably because I have a very short attention span and lots of times when I read a long book I put it down only to forget about it for weeks, so I prefer these kind of stories instead.

clair02 (27 May 2017)
Great review. I have a list of authors that I've never read before but that I absolutely must read sooner or later, and I think that Kathleen should be on that list now. Sounds like this is an amazing collection of stories.

Triss (28 May 2017)
This sounds like a great collection of stories and I look forward to reading them. This author is one who really knows her audience and knows how to deliver exactly what they want judging from the success of her previous book.

Joanna (31 May 2017)
Great review. This author sounds like one who really takes the time to give her readers what they want. I don't know her, but I'm willing and eager to sample her work judging from the response of everyone here.

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