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The Nursing Home - Book Cover Non-linear and stylishly written, this is a definite literary read, for those who like their stories character-based. Touching, sometimes sad, and grimly inevitable.
Cinder Ellie - Book Cover As an introduction to the Faraway Castle resort, this short story is a good taster for fantasy or paranormal readers - and hints at a budding fairytale romance.
Ride Tall, Hang High - Book Cover Older readers might find this cliché, younger ones might prefer trope-tastic, but for Western readers it hits every note right.
The Privateersman - Book Cover

Tom Andrews is little more than a boy when husband of smugglers are caught by the Excise men and his father is killed. After a narrow escape, the Dorset lad takes to the seas, journeying to the Americas, taking part in piracy, slavery, and war, before trying to settle down… I was getting ready to […]

Arklight: Operation Nightfall - Book Cover If you can get past the preachiness there is an excellent military action story here to be enjoyed.
Stories: An Anthology of Short Paranormal Suspense Stories - Book Cover Good for paranormal fans and lovers of ghost stories, but too close to its source influences to be truly unpredictable.
Willow: A Paranormal Short Story - Book Cover Despite grammar that is sometimes hard to parse, this tragic, inevitable, little story is a must-read for paranormal readers, people who enjoy tales of love and loss, or those who love the British countryside.
Awakening Alexa - Book Cover A poor start, but worth persevering with to see how the mystery does unfold.
The Old Dog and The Doorstep - Book Cover If you are a fan of Coward or Wodehouse this will be right up your street.
Ride Tall, Hang High - Book Cover A fast paced detailed western that fans of the genre should certainly enjoy
Discreet Fling - Book Cover This story is ideal for someone looking for a solid coffee break read in the genre.
Dying Takes It Out of You - Book Cover Worth a read, especially for fans of the genre looking for something slightly more unusual.
Death and a D20 - Book Cover A great short story and well worth picking up, especially if you enjoy D&D or stories being told.
Adventures of a Mall Santa - Book Cover An entertaining read for all ages, just rather short.
The Collar and the Cavvarach - Book Cover A blend of fantasy, social commentary and slice of life, a must for YA speculative fiction readers.
The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepy - Book Cover The pictures are good for early readers, or children who the story is read to.