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Vitality - Book Cover It is a little too basic to appeal to space opera fans, and the formatting makes it difficult for readers to follow.
How not to... - Book Cover Good advice delivered through biting sarcasm, quips, and some moments that brought a smile or chuckle? Its a very good read, and... well, I would recommend it.
The Secret of Dreamland - Book Cover While this may be fun for young children, it will be a little too unchallenging for older ones.
Sparrowhawk: A Falconer Easter tale - Book Cover Parents who want a focus on christianity in their children's reading, or who simply don't mind and want a good story, should consider this.
Margaret Queen of Scotland - Book Cover This is a short piece and so cannot go into much detail, but as introduction or bluffer's guide it is excellent, touching on many of the histories and some of the folk myth about the Queen.
A Pumpkins Halloween - Book Cover It is probably not dark enough for horror fans, there's not much new here for dark fiction lovers, and it is definitely not suitable for children.
Christmas with Uncle Nick and the Sugar Plum Fairies - Book Cover Get an illustrator and credit your images, and it would go up.
The Railway Murderer - Book Cover In some ways I feel as though I've just read the draft notes for a true crime book, unproofed and not yet fleshed out
Gifted: The gilded shackle - Book Cover Fantasy fans may enjoy it, as a start to a series, but I'd suggest reading a sample and then buying the full series or not.
Girl of Great Price - Book Cover Mystery readers and action readers will enjoy this, as well as fans of the noir genre.
The Last Reader - Book Cover it is an okay introduction to the world and a reasonable gauge of the author's skill as a writer, but might be a very nice addition for those who have read the longer book, 'Perfectible Animals'.
Yetunde: An Ode to My mother - Book Cover What could be very dry is actually entrancing...This isn't just a story, it's a look into Yoruba beliefs and folktales
Requiem's Song - Book Cover This isn't dark fantasy, it is grimdark fantasy. Fantasy fans should read this, but so should horror, goth, and there's even something here for action readers.
Hailey's Adventure - Book Cover Children will love it. If you're an adult reading it to children it's actually quite entertaining for most ages.
Star Wanderers - Book Cover Sci-fi romance readers will probably love it as the best of both worlds!
The Vanishing Civil Servant - Book Cover I'm not sure who the audience would be for this work, but it is definitely hindered by the grammar and spelling issues.
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