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Awakening Alexa - Book Cover A poor start, but worth persevering with to see how the mystery does unfold.
The Old Dog and The Doorstep - Book Cover If you are a fan of Coward or Wodehouse this will be right up your street.
Ride Tall, Hang High - Book Cover A fast paced detailed western that fans of the genre should certainly enjoy
Discreet Fling - Book Cover This story is ideal for someone looking for a solid coffee break read in the genre.
Dying Takes It Out of You - Book Cover Worth a read, especially for fans of the genre looking for something slightly more unusual.
Death and a D20 - Book Cover A great short story and well worth picking up, especially if you enjoy D&D or stories being told.
Adventures of a Mall Santa - Book Cover An entertaining read for all ages, just rather short.
The Collar and the Cavvarach - Book Cover A blend of fantasy, social commentary and slice of life, a must for YA speculative fiction readers.
The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepy - Book Cover The pictures are good for early readers, or children who the story is read to.
The Moonchild - Book Cover Literary readers and Slice of Life or modern drama will find this short story worth reading.
How the fox lost her tail - Book Cover While children may love the story, adults who have to read it to them, and children reading it for themselves may struggle with the unusual phrasing and poor English.
Doom comes for a Sold Soul - Book Cover

This book was originally released as “The Ignoble Nobel Prize Winner: A Tale of Andor”. A new journalist finds himself on assignment to interview a reclusive mathematician, only for the interviewee to tell him that he sold his soul for his famous discovery. The journalist is still laughing when the demon tries to collect. Something […]

The Current War - Book Cover For a short overview or general information this is both interesting and useful.
The Knowing - Book Cover This will probably appeal to YA paranormal readers more than horror as, despite the promising start, there's little here to provoke a truly visceral reaction.
Markov Models - Book Cover For someone from a maths or technical ground, this is a useful primer.
What All Atheist Must Know - Book Cover A better argument for a spellchecker and universal education, than for Christianity.