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Zombie Contagion - Book Cover A zombie novella that expands on the world it is set in, while still telling it's own story.
Bunnies Suck - Book Cover This short horror comedy is great, but at a ten minute read there just isn't enough of it.
One False Move - Book Cover This is not grim, gritty, realism. This is fun, action, and escapism.
When She Awakes - Book Cover While it has an interesting premise, it isn't really part of this short story that tries to do too much.
Payday - Book Cover An interesting take of where countries may go in the future
Flushed - Book Cover An amusing short story of an absurd situation spiralling out of control.
Mr Mars - Our Boy: Marley’s Story - Book Cover Due to the formatting and writing issues I cannot recommend it, but for those who knew Marley, it would make a good memorial.
Switch to AntiX Linux - Book Cover The author knows their material, but sadly is not good at communicating it to their desired audience.
Risk and Riches - Book Cover Light on the helicopters and billionaire lifestyle, strong on the Dallas or Dynasty overtones, and has the required happily ever after ending.
Crafty Decluttering - Book Cover a small book with some funny photos and very little substance
Waves of Truth - Book Cover It is good to see rhyme and cadence in effective use, though it also contains some truly odd use of language.
The Birth of Evil - Book Cover some of the ideas are unique, and the story itself could be engaging, but set against this I was fighting the editing and writing each step of the way, and it really needs a proofreader.
Miss Williams - A memoir - Book Cover I do not like slating memoirs, but poor formatting and major structure issues with the content mean this is not a pleasure to read and of little historical value.
Indigo's hair story - Book Cover a lovely little story about Indigo adapting to losing her hair with the love and support of her family, pitched at a perfect level for children.
Books have feelings too - Book Cover ten minutes of absolute joy for anyone who has ever spent time they shouldn't with their head buried in a book.
Jane Carter of Earth and the Rescue that Never was - Book Cover An enjoyable short, that plays with sci-fi tropes and leads cleverly into the main novel

Reality Barks: A Rescue Dog's Funny Story (Mutt to Megastar Book 1)
Escape to Osprey Cove: Book 1 of The Osprey Cove Lodge Series
Reality Barks: A Rescue Dog's Funny Story (Mutt to Megastar Book 1)
Escape to Osprey Cove: Book 1 of The Osprey Cove Lodge Series