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...An interesting, if gruesome, stalker horror, with a good twist at the end....

A serial killer is stalking a woman he has seen in a local bar. Attracted, he sets about finding out all he can about her with his intention to add to his collection. In the process, he decides that only he should be allowed near her and that anyone else, friends, co-workers and so on should be permanently removed as he seeks to isolate and hide her from the rest of the world. As he slowly and gruesomely begins to kill his way through her circle of acquaintances as well as some other unfortunates who happen to cross his path, she is unaware of what is happening to those around until he is finally ready to visit her.

Saliva is a short horror that pushes at several boundaries. The plot is fairly simple with a solid twist at the end. The details and language are certainly for adults and there is a certain amount of gore and descriptive acts, which goes with the tone of the tale. The characters are a little sketchy but as they do not last long, it’s not of great importance. This is more about the actions that are going on instead of character development, although you do find out some background. In some parts it is difficult to follow as you wonder what parts of the narrative are real and what parts more a vision of his madness as he interacts with the world.

The spelling and grammar are fairly good with only a few mistakes that I could see as well as some rogue formatting errors. The only thing I do wonder is how on earth he remained at large for so long given just how much evidence he continued to leave at certain crime scenes, but that is a minor nit-pick.

Overall, an interesting, if gruesome, stalker horror, with a good twist at the end.

Rating: 3
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