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Smoke me a Kipper: Neil's Farrago

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...Looking back now it also has one problem: it has dated very badly....

Aliens infiltrate UKIP trying to destroy them by saying/doing something so outrageous it will end the party forever.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

This could and should have been hilarious. Instead it is just bland. A parody needs to go up to eleven, not just quote the actual beliefs that certain groups have. Otherwise the Daily Mail would be hilarious. I didn’t laugh. I barely smiled. As a parody, mentioning Thanet by name and having Farage’s picture on the cover make it too obvious no matter how much you change the name and the author is lucky that Jeremy Clarkson has a sense of humour (or that Mr.Clarkson takes parody & milk floats better than a lack of steak). ‘Smoke me a kipper’ makes people of a certain age think Ace Rimmer, not UKIP, and if trying to parody UKIP a Flash Gorden expy isn’t the thing you want to call attention to.

This fails on a few levels: It isn’t subtle. It isn’t that funny. There are points where it is just offensive, and I’m not talking about to UKIPers here. It is also suffering from bad timing: at the time this book was written, the Orlando massacre had not happened. Writing this review two days after it, a few of the plot points make for very unpleasant reading. It was also written before Paul Daniels’ death, making a joke that would have been about a retired celebrity look like a very nasty slap at an icon. The Jeremy Clarkson bits were written before the huge Netflix deal and the BBC’s new Top Gear viewer graph resembling the Langollen Woods Downhill BMX Track.

Formatting, typos, and grammar are all fine which is a pity as it might have livened the book up. It is a two, and not recommended.

(and no, dear neighbour, I am still not interested in joining and keep that sign off my bloody lawn!)

Looking back now it also has one problem: it has dated very badly. Many of the jokes were dependent of events around the Referendum, and even a few months later, they just don’t have staying power.

Rating: 2
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HattieMoon (16 April 2017)
I think it is very difficult to write a book about specific issues or people unless purely as a historical exercise, so this was doomed to failure from the outset. I haven't read more than what was free to look at because I wouldn't want to support the writer in any way, and what I did see was, well, pretty horrible. (That goes for content and style.) I can't believe there have even been three positive reviews. Total trash.

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