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View on accurate portrayal of loss and grief. Literary and slice-of-life fans will love it....

Starting with a heartreaking discussion between a man and his ill daughter, Sunrises is an exploration of grief.

By loc 611 it felt like things had happened to our lead, but it all felt like setup not story. This was very slice of life, a string of unconnected events and I was still waiting for either the connection or the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It is not that type of story. Instead it is a brutally accurate portrayal of a family trying to cope with grief and loss after their child dies of cancer. All the little memories, the numbness and shock even after years pass, are all stunningly true. If you’ve lost someone you love it will cut very close.

On the flip side, this is very slice-of life focusing on all of life’s little dramas, and if you like action in your stories this will not hold your attention. It is all about a man’s inner journey to come to terms with loss, and there are no big events or major turning points to give relief of catharsis to either him or the reader.

It is well-written, and the thoughts and feelings involved come across clearly, although he doesn’t seem to have much insight into other people. The cast around him are described entirely by actions with little awareness of their thoughts, feelings, or motives.

It is a great book, but not one I am ever going to read again and not one that left a lasting impression. Literary and slice-of-life fans will love it. Action or horror fans give it a miss.

Rating: 3
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