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The Christmas Gift

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...An unseasonal story perhaps and yet still absolutely hilarious....

It is another re-write of “The Night before Christmas” poem, but it is a good one so I’ll forgive it that. Add in illustrations reminiscent of Quentin Blake and well…

…by page 11 I was laughing out loud.

Ok, I could be a nasty pedant and point out that what he eventually gives her he already gave her on their wedding day, so it is not his to give anymore (Bah, Humbug), but for anyone who has ever rushed round the stores trying to get the last item the rest of the story rings so true that that is irrelevant.

After loc 9 the illustrations stopped showing for me but given the alignment of the text I suspect that was my Kindle, not the book, so I’m not docking points for it. The text is strong enough to stand alone anyway.

I am so tempted to knock this down to a three for the ending (call me scrooge, but I’d call it trite) but it is a four for sheer comedy value. An unseasonal story perhaps and yet still absolutely hilarious. I don’t think anyone would object to getting the book for Christmas – except that perhaps it might be too on topic then…

Rating: 4
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jessica (2 October 2016)
You Scrooge! It's poetry about finding car park spaces, on Christmas Eve, in a mall... :cool:

djbook (5 October 2016)
It's heartwarming... I always like to say 'Tis and 'Twas around Christmas :D Anyways, I may not use this one since I am always on the lookout for Christmas Carols that I haven't heard of and kindle seems to be a great place to search for unique Chritmasy songs.

clair02 (5 October 2016)
My kind of story. I just love these heart-warming tales the closer we get to Christmas. Another wonderful addition to my list and my library. Thanks for sharing this.

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