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The Dance (The Cinderella Connection Book 4)

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...A lovely retelling of a classic tale with original characters and interesting twists....

The Dance is a lovely retelling of the traditional tale of the Dancing Princesses. On her 16th birthday Anna is presented to the court, and introduced to the princesses. But the princesses have a deadly duty, and with one of them, Nicolette, ill, Anna finds herself sharing their dreadful secret. She may never be able to go home, but does she want to?

This retelling brings an entirely new view to a folktale. Anna’s story adds a new aspect to it, but the provision of a reason for the princesses’ behaviour and legitimate consequences adds an element of risk and danger that really brings it to life. The characters are easy to sympathise with, particularly Anna, the lead. Anna is young, intelligent, and acutely aware of her weaknesses thanks to her somewhat overbearing mother. The princesses, slightly older, bring to life not the traditional fairytale version sneaking away each night for fun, but young women who have a duty to their kingdom which they are aware of and struggling to live up to.

There are no typos or grammar issues, and the formatting works perfectly. The cover, although plain, caught my attention.

Young teens, particularly girls, should love this and so may readers of women’s fiction of all ages. It is a lovely retelling of a classic tale with original characters and interesting twists.

Rating: 4
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