The Doppleganger

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The Doppelgänger: A Psychological Thriller

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......utterly passive, never seeking answers and expecting that if she hides at home all her problems will go away....

As a child Darcy watched her mother’s murder. Now she has a life, avoiding notice and trying to escape her past. Then a blogger starts writing down things they could only know if they were her, and her cherished anonymity is jeopardised. As the mystery deepens, finding out who the blogger is becomes vital, particularly when her colleagues start encountering people who look exactly like her.

I found the book frustrating since Darcy does nothing to help herself. She actually makes it as bad as she can. When she starts lying to the police, to the extent of refusing to name her perfect legit and valid alibi, if it had been a paperback I would have thrown it at the wall. My sympathy for her just vanished. Seriously this woman is probably not capable of living on her own and might require help for a mental illness. (loc 2395). She is utterly passive, never seeking answers and expecting that if she hides at home all her problems will go away.

By halfway through I had a lot of questions but no answers.

Either she’s doing it to herself via split personality, or more likely she has a hacker. She hasn’t seriously taken any action at all over the misuse of her data and then freaks and assumes that because funds were withdrawn online under her name she must have done it, rather than realising that any hacker using her details will show up as her. And if the only video evidence is someone who looks like her, her bank account was emptied when she was on her way to New York and she has a total alibi, failing to tell the police this is ridiculous.

There’s a huge plothole, which I won’t go into.

Rating 3 The ending drops it to a 1.

Rating: 1
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Triss (31 May 2017)
The review started on a promising note and I was beginning to think that this was a book I might enjoy especially if there was a whole psychological/ human behavioral aspect to the plot -which is a subject I enjoy greatly - but the holes in the plot and the frustrating lack of answers have dissuaded me from wanting to read it.

C. Lee McKenzie (2 June 2017)
Hate plot holes. They always make me sorry I wasted my time on a book that an author didn't take the time to do well. I guess this isn't a book for me.

jessica (5 June 2017)
I know the plothole and it was why I didn't finish the book:mad:. This feels like the X-files or Lost, the author wrote it as she went along without going back to check. Her alibi depends on whether someone is right- or left- handed. The twist collapses it but the police never go back to it:confused:.

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