The Dragon and the Princess

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The Dragon and the Princess

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...A wonderful children's book for teaching them to count....

When a baby dragon hatches, a princess is stolen by the parents only for them to start playing together until she is rescued and taken home.

A wonderfully simple and well-illustrated children’s book for teaching them to count using a short and sweet story with a happy ending. The story counts up from one to ten and then from ten back down to one. Each page contains a short sentence with the number in and the illustrative picture. What works so well is that each picture can be used to find the items being mentioned and then count them up to help reinforce the number learning while making it fun for all.

The only other things to note is the spelling and language is American and the capitalisation of Baby dragon, which does change through the book. But those are minor points for such a delightful book.

Overall, it is a beautifully illustrated book to teach children to count. Also, it’s worth just getting to look at the pretty pictures.

Rating: 5
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Nocturnal Thinker (24 October 2020)
No wonder why it is rated 5. This is probably written excellently for the school age children to master counting number with a corresponding concrete examples which facilitate the learning and mastery of the counting numbers.

sliara (13 September 2021)
Ok the rating is quite high, I wonder if the book is worth my time reading.

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