The Piano Girl

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The Piano Girl - Part One (Counterfeit Princess Series)

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...Romance readers will probably love it, but fantasy readers, YA fans, and even children will find something enjoyable in this modern fairytale. Just remember to buy the second book! ...

I have a problem with this review.

This book ends with the end of her journey, a logical place for the story to break, but the rest of the story remains to be told. It is a strong enough book that I immediately bought and read the second half to find out what happened. It was a mistake from a reviewer’s point of view as it makes reviewing the first book in isolation very difficult. As a reader, it was required and I regret nothing.

For the first book alone, what made it stand out is the princess’s development as Alia finds herself cast down from privilege to poverty with none of her skills or even her looks to help. The writing and editing is professional and easy to read, and the formatting is well done with no problems or gap pages. There are occasional shifts of point of view, but the storyteller is strong enough that this doesn’t interfere with the story.

The pair of books together make an excellent romance, touching, true to life, with some excellent character growth, particularly from the lead as she turns from a spoiled pampered princess to a resourceful woman who has more than earned her place as queen-to-be. It is sweet, touching, and suitable for almost all ages with little adult content, but possibly one of the most genuine and believable relationships I’ve read.

The only reason this is a four not a five, is because you really do have to buy the second book to get the full story. The two together are a five.

Romance readers will probably love it, but fantasy readers, YA and even children will find something enjoyable in this modern fairytale. Just remember to buy the second book!

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (12 September 2016)
I have always wanted to include more of the "modern fairytale" in the rotation, and I happen to work with kids who typically love these stories so this will be interesting to use. I am not really sure to expect, but I think that makes it even that much better and more intriguing for, so thanks for that.

jessica (2 October 2016)
The poor princess has to do so much growing up in the first book that I really disliked her parents. They brought her up in shelter and privilege and then yanked the rug out, instead of teaching her about society from a young age? :( The second book was better, and I actually read it before the first one! It was a really good romance, and I loved the lead characters because they were so believable.

djbook (4 October 2016)
Wow! This one looks great. I haven't really read a great romance piece in a long time. So, I am thoroughly going to enjoy this one. Also, as the poster above said, the second book was better, so I guess I know where to start.

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