The Silhouette In The Picture

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The silhouette in the picture

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...In honesty, I couldn't recommend it until it was given a good editing...

Donna Cooper works as a news anchor on a morning show for the Parsons News Agency, an international company covering stories from across the globe. Bill is an investigative reporter who has a death threat against him with strict instructions as to what he is to do. One morning, Bill finds himself at the scene of a car accident, and ends up taking a man to hospital along with the boy who was riding in it at the time. What Bill does not realise is that the accident was actually an assassination attempt on the boy. Donna hears about the story and starts to investigate alongside Bill. But the assassin is not finished with Bill, who soon finds himself in more trouble than he ever expected.

Somewhere in this story is a good idea, trying to get out and be told. Unfortunately, what holds it back is the writing, which is painful to struggle through. The English used in this copy is either dreadful, or dreadfully translated from something that makes a lot more sense. The spelling can be accurate, but it does not help if the words do not fit. As a result, it is very hard to understand both what is going on, and also what kind of characters are they. It also means the ending currently makes little to no sense when it does happen.

I can’t tell if there are any good parts to the story and even the genre feels vague, at a rough guess, it is a crime suspense tale that comes across flat and uninspiring due to the language.

In honesty, I couldn’t recommend it until it was given a good editing.

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