The Trouble With Pixies (Edinburgh Elementals Book 1)

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The Trouble With Pixies (Edinburgh Elementals Book 1)

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...In some ways the attitude is similar to Ghostbusters or Men In Black - except in this case it's pixies, not ghosts or aliens. ...

The story follows Micheal who has bought a house after the death of the last owner. The house comes with a few unexpected occupants, which he only finds out when a strange woman turns up saying she has been hired as a consultant…

It’s a short story, and there’s a lot of explanation in it, but at the same time it’s a nice cross-section of the mundane, myth, and myth treated as mundane. In some ways the attitude is similar to Ghostbusters or Men In Black – except in this case it’s pixies, not ghosts or aliens.

I’m not really the intended audience, and for me the writing felt a little flat. There was humour in the setup, but less in the realisation, and at the same time there was no real threat conveyed. As an introduction to the series and the character of Hattie and her unusual job, it worked well. It is a complete story, and entirely self-contained.

For hardcore geeks or gothic fiction readers this is old ground and may ironically be a little too mundane, but I’d suggest fans of the paranormal genre check it out while it is free.

(Note: For RPG GM’s there’s a great potential for a short scenario right here. Get it now.)

Rating: 3
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