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An ancient artefact, and a mystery ghost

The unlikely discovery of an ancient artefact changes the life of Neil Pressland. His wife Judy, and best friend Nasra wonder what it has got to do with any of them – especially as the find took place over a decade ago? A mystery ghost figure appears from many centuries earlier but what Neil must discover is why he is haunted by the present.

British ghost stories with a hint of Time travel?

The first of a series of stories based in Peterborough UK. Just an ordinary city full of people like you and me, steeped in history and totally unique, but it could be anywhere, really, it could. Every city holds secrets from its past that lie dormant ready to affect the future, but what if there was more than that? What happens when something from another time rises to the surface to confront us? The three of them soon find themselves drawn into something very deep and dark that is shaping their future.

Spooky mysteries have their way of piecing the bits together

Can Nasra work it out and get to Neil in time? Is he really who he seems to be? And as gradually his ghost gifts emerge, we wonder what can he really know about the past? As the plot thickens and pieces of an uncomfortably placed jigsaw start to fall into place, Nasra realises she must act fast to ensure their summer ends in the way it was always meant to be.

This is a mystery english to the core,

that tells a story like never before.

Now open your mind and I pledge you will see,

your home city – quite differently.

A fascinating tale of ghostly time travel based on elements of historical fact. Taking place in a contemporary setting in the heart of rural England this is the first book in a series of Peterborough-based mystery short stories.

Free on 3rd - 5th Mar 24
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" For those who like literary stories or old style ghost stories"

Reviewer: .

Nasra is a social worker in Peterborough, along with her friend June and her husband Neil. After coming into possession of a bracelet, she begins to find her life taking a strange turn. June finds that her husband is leading a double life and Nasra is caught up in it. Stranger occurrences and visions start to follow Nasra, although it seem her life is improving while those of her friends is going downhill. This interlinks with a murder, committed several centuries ago in the town, that seems to have something to do with the necklace that Neil is now wearing and who is also beginning to see things as well.

This is a ghost story in an older sense of the word, with strange happenings driving lives in both the past and present. Anyone expecting actual ghosts, will be a little disappointed, it is far more metaphorical in meaning. A curious book to read given that, although most of it takes place in the modern day, the effects of the events in the past have a strong bearing on what is occurring. The plot twines fairly seamlessly between the two times, although some of the overlaps seem a little tenuous and some of the points made are perhaps a little simplistic. However, it does work and some of the action is genuinely exciting to see where it leads. The characters and writing are solid and their interactions give the story its heart, as they do their best to cope with the unearthly occurrences that they are living through. Spelling and grammar through the book were fine although the descriptions can sometimes be confusing as to what exactly is happening but that would tally with the characters thoughts and ideas.

Overall, it's a fine, slightly wordy story, with a more classical ghost story at its heart. For those who like literary stories or old style ghost stories, this would be ideal for them, but maybe worth reading even for the small hint of supernatural content contained within it.

Rating: 4

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