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Thank you to everyone here on Amazon who helped make my first book a Bestseller!!!

Best-selling children’s book author John Yost gives you “Baby Animals.” This book uses beautiful pictures and easy words that makes learning about baby animals fun and interesting.

This is the second book in the Nature Books for Children Series and is acclaimed as being one of the best baby animal books for kids available on the Kindle.

The pictures are carefully chosen to look their best on any device in full color, or black and white.

“Baby Animals” is written to encourage children to discover and learn on their own. Each picture has a caption to spark curiosity and encourage conversation with your child. You are welcome to guide your child through the book with the beautiful pictures. And you are invited to read the simple text to your child at bedtime or on a relaxing day together.

This book captures the marvelous and amazing world of baby animals and brings them alive. Children will learn how baby whales breathe even though they can’t swim when they are first born. They will also discover that a baby giraffe falls 6 feet to the ground and lands on its head, but that it’s just fine after the fall!

“Baby Animals” not only includes the standard cute and cuddly animals, but also includes are some lesser known but very interesting animals like purple martins and wolf spiders to help broaden your child’s understanding of nature.

Scroll up and grab a copy.

The book features these baby animals and their parents:

*The playful Lion

*The dedicated Elephant

*The independent Sea Turtle

*The cautious Rabbit

*The devoted Whale

*The ferocious Polar Bear

*The loyal Purple Martin

*The funky Kangaroo

*The beautiful Giraffe

*The magnificent Tiger

*The mischievous Raccoon

I hope you and your family love this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

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*** Your child will love it.***

A quick note from John:

Baby Animals is the second in a series of Nature Books for Children. Every time I write a book, I’m fascinated by what I learn. For example I had no idea that a baby giraffe falls 6 feet and hits its head on the ground when its born. Nature is just so weird sometimes!

It’s my hope that I can pass on some of my love and enthusiasm for nature on to you and your children. I also write in hopes that your family enjoys reading these books and talking about them together; giving you the opportunity to teach strong values to your children and grow closer as a family.

Above all. I truly hope you are inspired to appreciate this beautiful world we live in.

Here are some of the comments about my first book that people left on FaceBook…

Hey John! I just downloaded and read your book to my daycare kids. They LOVED it! Especially my little guy, he’s aalllll nature, can’t keep him inside. I’m sharing with all my FB peeps and my daycare parents as well. Way to go, and good for you! Best wishes!!!

John, I read your book prior to letting the kids read it. It was a good read and I definitely learned some things myself. I look forward to the kids reading it.

John, I downloaded your book to my phone and I will add it to my kid’s tablets they are getting from Santa. Thanks!

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Free on 21st Jan 14
View on Amazon.co.uk


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