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Ancient Seers

Every empire, every kingdom, every village had a seer. One who was consulted when problems arose. The King of Sparta famously consulted the Oracle before the battle of Thermopylae. Even Nancy Reagan consulted with a psychic.

Love And Money

We all crave relationships, and when we don’t have them, we worry. We all want more money, so when the bills start piling up, we worry. We seek comfort in times of worry. We seek solace in time of emotional pain.

Universal Desires

Within every chest beats the same heart. Within every mind lives the same desires, worries, and anxieties. This gives you, Dear Reader, a keen insight into the minds of others.

Cold Reading Explained

Cold reading skills are not paranormal. Cold reading is not telepathy. Cold reading is not the ability to foretell the future, or discern winning lottery numbers. Cold reading is exactly what it sounds like.


This means you need very little information. You’ll see a person and only need to quickly judge the situation, read their body language and facial expressions. You’ll learn to do this in seconds.


You’ll gain some powerful insights that will allow you to know exactly what they are thinking. Exactly what they want. Exactly what they desire. Exactly what they are most worried about.

Ideal Message

You will learn to craft the ideal message for any person. You will be able to pace their current desires and anxieties. You will be able to draw a line from their present to their most cherished future. Their biggest dreams they haven’t shared with anybody.

The Oracle

You will learn to do so with such precision, such accuracy, they will think you can peer directly into their soul. They will feel a deep resonance with you they haven’t felt with anyone else. Ever.

The Result

Whether you want to learn this powerful skill for party tricks, for deep and permanent seduction, or to sell anything to anybody, you’ll find this is the most powerful communication system you may ever learn.

Within minutes and only a few sentences of cold reading magic, they will never forget you. You’ll be able to walk up to strangers and utter a few careful words that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives.

Extended Conversations

You’ll learn some powerful techniques that will allow you, with just a few simple questions, to find out exactly where they are, and precisely where they want to go.

The Prime Directive

You’ll learn the one thing that everybody craves more than anything else. Paradoxically, this is something that when presented consciously, nobody would ever admit to wanting this. But when presented subconsciously, obliquely, subtly, it is something every single human will respond to.

Embedded Deeply In Your Message

When you carefully imply this prime directive deeply into your cold reading message, they will become hopelessly addicted to you, your voice, and your ideas. They will crave your advice, your guidance, and your support.

Create Happiness

This tools are best used to make others feel blessed by your presence. To feel more positive about the future. To be more excited to be alive. To recall their encounter with you as being the turning point in their lives.

Create Connections

When practicing these techniques, we recommend you use these on strangers first. This is because you’ll need to change your conversation style slightly. But once you get the techniques down, you can use them on anybody.

Create New Relationships

Friends, lovers, colleagues, buddies, all will respond positively to these ideas. Once you understand how other people really think, and learn to resonate with their thoughts, life will become magic.

Free on 23rd - 24th Sep 23
View on Amazon.co.uk


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