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Discover Proven Techniques and Tactics to Improve Your Conversation Skills

In this book, we will discuss the importance of having an effective conversation and communication skill and how to use it to your advantage. Many people lack this very important skill, but the good news is, conversation and communication skills can be acquired through learning and constant practice.
We will explore different strategies and techniques to improve your conversations at work and in relationships. We will also discuss ways to improve your presentation skills, so that you will never catch yourself lost for words ever again. Plus, we will also give you tips and tricks on how to approach someone and strike up a healthy and fun conversation.

Learn the 10 Secret Techniques to Master Every Conversation

Starters need not worry: This book will guide you through simple steps to help you build better relationships at work, in personal and in your social life.

Can you relate to this?

It is one of the best feelings in the world, you see the person you approached smiling and talking to you as if you have known each other for a long time. But then, you get stuck up, and you have no idea what to say or ask next.
The secret is to have a list of topics and questions in your disposal to always aid you in times when you no longer know your way ahead in conversations.

Learn fool-proof conversation topics and starters to use every day!

Whatever your struggle is, with enough practice and training, you will acquire any skill. You may be struggling with sputtering out in conversations prematurely, or becoming too excited that you tend to speak too fast. Bear in mind that even those who are excellent in conversations started out just like you. The book is perfect for anyone who wishes to develop their communication skills because it is tailor-made for everybody, regardless of their background in life.

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Here is what this book holds for you:

Keeping the Conversation Going: Conversation Topics and Questions
How to Improve Your Listening Skills
Business Communication and Presentation Skills
Conversation Tactics for Better Friendships and Relationships
10 Secret Techniques to Master Every Conversation
7 Fool-Proof Conversation Tactics to Apply Every Day
10 Mistakes to Avoid
Extra: Communication Training for Life Coaches

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Free on 20th - 24th Jan 17
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