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Another Quality Family Reader Book

Great to Read to Kids 6 and Up. Great for Kids 8 and Up to Read Themselves

Dolphins and Porpoises Are A Lot Like You, is a book to assist young children with learning about animals around them. Many children wonder why Dolphins and Porpoises are not just fish. They swim after all, so what makes them different?

Using images and facts the child comes to understand why Dolphins and Porpoises are mammals and that they are mammals too, and therefore have a lot in common with Dolphins and Porpoises.

Dolphins and Porpoises are a very special group of animals that spend their entire lives in the water You will learn in this book, what makes them special. One of the things that makes Dolphins and Porpoises special is that they are much more like humans than they are like a fish.

For a long time, many people thought that Dolphins and Porpoises were “just a type of fish” but now we know this is not true at all. Dolphins and Porpoises are animals that live in the water, but they are very social, communicative creatures who have a lot in common with you and me, including the special things that make them mammals!

Recently India declared that Dophins and Porpoises were Non-Human Persons because it has been found how smart Dolphins and Porpoises are.

Table of Contents

Dolphins and Porpoises Are A lot Like Us

Dolphins and Porpoises are Mammals Just Like Us

Other Exciting Facts About Dolphins and Porpoises

What are the Differences Between Dolphins and Porpoises?

All About Dolphins

How do Dolphins and Porpoises Differ From Whales?

What Makes Dolphins and Porpoises Mammals?

Different Types of Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins

Common Dolphins

Striped or White Sided Dolphins

Black Dolphins

Rough Toothed Dolphins

Killer Whales

Spinner Dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Hector’s Dolphins

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

End of Dolphin Segment

Different Types of Porpoises

All About Porpoises

Dall’s Porpoises

Harbor Porpoises

Spectacled Porpoises

Gulf of California Harbor Porpoises/Vaquita

Burmeister’s Porpoises

Finless Porpoises

What Can You Do To Help

Free on 2nd - 3rd Feb 14
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