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Did you know New York Book Review’s, WD La Rue, recommends Four Small Stones, The #2 Kindle Bestseller in Teen and Young Adult Action Adventure Series?


Before you purchase this book please be aware that Four Small Stones could make your head fall off. Heads have been seen rolling down suburban streets without their bodies. Please do NOT purchase this book if you do not want people to see you chasing your own head. It will be embarrassing.

However, if you don’t mind being completely grossed out one minute and laughing your head off the next, please read on …

Praise for Four Small Stones

“I would read ANYTHING this man wrote.” That’s what Mr La Rue said. Plus he didn’t just read Four Small Stones, he had a little nap and then read all the way through to book 8, Final Straw! Pretty impressive.

Other 5 out of 5 star reviews for the Urban Hunters series …

“Mad writing skills you’ve got.” Jessica B, Publisher, BooksATrueStory

“From the first page to last, you’ll be hooked. This story is probably one of the best new young adult books out there. It’s a great start to a great series!”JB Cacdac, Singapore Review of Books

Overview of Four Small Stones …

Billy’s gotta find some girls. The problem is he’s an Aborigine from the Australian bush and all he’s got to wear is a loincloth. Not a good look in the city. And what’s worse, he’s never even seen a girl before. Could life get anymore difficult? Why yes it could. Billy could fall in love …

But first he has to survive two devious older brothers and a couple of initiations to prove his manhood. Great.

More praise …

“Taaffe’s series is a wonderful action series for boys and girls who don’t mind a little grit in their stories.” Tammy and Alex Dewhurst, Canada

“I have just finished reading the first three in this series and they were the funniest books I have ever read in my entire life! By the time I had finished Four Small Stones I had tears rolling down my cheeks I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t wait to read Tribal Scarring and Walkabout and they were both just as good if not better. Can’t wait for number 4.” Wendy and Andres, UK

“While written for a younger age bracket, adult humour has been included. However it has been written in such a way that what seems like a funny incident to a younger audience, holds an underlying meaning for the adults. I highly recommend this series to everybody who is interested in reading a beautifully written story.” Pinky Pollock, Australian Book Review

URBAN HUNTERS is laugh-out-loud, gut-churning, heart-wrenching storytelling at its best. Unlike anything you’ve ever read, in typical Taaffe fashion. Hilarious as usual. Always surprising. Wonderful!

#2 Teen and Young Adult Action Adventure Series#3 Teen and Young Adult Humorous eBooksBest selling Children’s eBooksBest selling Middle Grade eBooksBest selling Teen eBooksBest selling Young Adult eBooksSurvival is climbing up the charts- fingers crossed :)

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Free on 6th - 10th Feb 15
View on Amazon.co.uk


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