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Looking for a great dog story? How would you like 16 great dog stories!

This book is filled with 16 remarkable true stories of ordinary dogs that performed extraordinary acts and became heroes.

* Find out what a pit bull named Lilly does when her owner collapses on train tracks and a train is speeding down the tracks right towards them

* Discover what River, a red cattle dog, decides to do when he is in the backyard with two young girls and a deadly snake

* Learn what happens when a man crashes his car into a steep ravine and the only one who knows he is there is his new cocker spaniel puppy named Honey.

* Find out what an English bull dog named Napoleon who can’t swim does when he spots a bag of kittens in the middle of a lake.

These are just a few of the great dog stories in the book Hero Dog Stories: 16 True Stories of Amazing Dogs. There are many more!

The book is appropriate for ages 8 and up and is 131 pages.

Like a good dog story? This book of 16 dog stories is perfect for you!

Free on 6th Feb 14
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