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Make your makeup and other cosmetics products with all-natural, organic ingredients in your own kitchen! It easy and you will see your face and skin glow!
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With the vast numbers of cosmetic and beauty products on the market, many people wonder why anyone would want to make their own. Then again, people are also becoming more health conscious and thus understand the point of using products that you are very familiar with (because you made them!). There are many brands out there that advertise natural ingredients and numerous benefits, but there is always a question about how much of that is marketing and how much of it is true. Finding the right product can also be difficult if you have certain sensitivities, allergies, and health concerns. Of course, when you make your beauty products, you can personalize them however you would like.

There really are quite a few reasons to start making your own makeup, cosmetics, and beauty products. Time may be an issue for some, and the convenience of store-bought products is undeniable, but for the most part making your own is very much a “pro” rather than a “con.” You may even enjoy it so much that you make a business out of it, and if nothing else, the joy of using something you made yourself, or giving it to someone you care about, is extremely satisfying. No one will know your product as well as you, and you will know everything that went into making your ideal cream, makeup, or facial mask. Not to mention, that makeup made with things like cocoa powder and cinnamon smells marvelous! Also, you will be saving money by making your own products, and you can adjust the quantities and frequency to meet your needs. With all these advantages, no wonder DIY makeup and beauty products is a no brainer!

This book is an excellent starting point in your journey to becoming your own alchemist of beauty.

Inside you will discover:
oEquipment and ingredients needed to make your makeup and beauty products at home
oTips, tricks, and basics of making your makeup and beauty products
oStep-by-step methods to make your own cosmetics including
oFace care: cleansers, scrubs, masks, toners, astringents
oFull Face Makeup including powdered foundation and liquid foundation
oEye care and makeup including powdered eye shadow, cream eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner
oLip care including lip balm, lip gloss, lipsticks and lip moisturizers
oBody care such as soap, bath soaks, body scrubs, moisturizer and hair care
oBody fresh products such as deodorant, body powder, body sprays, and perfumes
oSeveral quick and easy no-recipe needed beauty hacks
oHandy Resources for ingredient substitutions, colors, and DIY suppliers

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Free on 11th - 13th Jan 24
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