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How To Build A Habit That Sticks For Life

Form One New Habit For Life And Live Through Your Highest Self Every Single Day

You’ll learn everything about how to form a habit
You’ll learn all the critical parts of habits and how to use them to your advantage.

You’ll learn why do we quit
Most people rely on their willpower when they start to build a new habit.
Instead, you’ll rely on already existing habits and systems.
It makes forming new habits a lot easier.

You’ll learn how to be more persistent and dedicated
Everyone complains about the lack of motivation and willpower, even athletes.
The only way to become more dedicated if you empower yourself with conscious habit forming. You will know how to build a supportive environment when you change a habit.

You’ll learn how you can build a habit step-by-step
With the 1-page Habit Building Exercise, you go through all parts of your new habit, one-by-one, from your Why until how you will reward yourself for your habit changes.

You’ll learn how you can build habits upon each other
On the long run, this is the real power of habit. You’ll learn how to form habits upon each other, how to create habit chains and keystone habits.

You’ll learn how you can design a habit that sticks for life
You’ll learn that focus and awareness are extremely powerful in forming a new habit. Even if you mess up half of the practices, it works like a parachute: you’ll have time to build your new habit because you’ll know all the crucial components and how to impact them.

You’ll learn how to make your goals inevitable
If you want real, long-lasting change, this part will help you. If you adjust your habits and they point towards to your goals, you keep yourself accountable – all your goals become inevitable.

Habit Building Exercise
If you use only this 1-page Habit Building Exercise, you will already gain a lot more than reading dozens of other theoretical books on forming a habit. This exercise will lead you to your new habit.
By the end of this book, you’ll have a new habit in your life which you designed so powerfully that it will stick for life.

Pause for a moment and think.
How many positive habits did you want to create? How much your daily life would improve if you would have just 1 positive habit?

Would you be happier with the habit of daily gratitude journaling like I do?
How much healthier could you be with the habit of eating healthy or doing morning Yoga?
How much your entire life and self-image will improve if you confidently know that you can form a new habit anytime at will?

Creating and maintaining a new habit is not easy and not fast, I won’t lie.
But it’s one of the most rewarding feeling in life. Because you know you’re in control.
If you want to be in control over your character, willpower and destiny – forming positive habits are the only key.

This book will help you saving lots of trial and errors by understanding and building habits consciously and preparing yourself to be more dedicated and persistent.

About The Author

Yogi Zoli is the author or the How To Build and Extremely Strong Habit For Life book among others. His name “Yogi Zoli” is his chosen name that he chose in Rishikesh, India at the end of his Yoga Teacher Training. Yogi currently lives in Brighton, UK.
He lived in 6 countries over the last few years and were teaching mainly Meditation.
Zoli loves educating and inspiring others to make bold inner breakthroughs and implement strong habits in their lives to reach their Highest Self.
Learn more about Zoli at yogizoli.com
Learn more about Zoli’s staffs at yogisland.com

This book will lead you to create and maintain 1 new habit for the rest of your life.


Free on 28th Apr 18 - 2nd May 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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