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Marilyn Monroe a candle in the wind: 50 fascinating facts about Norma Jeane.

More than just a glamorous blonde bombshell, discover the inner strength of Norma Jeane that made her Marilyn Monroe.

Be inspired!

The fascinating facts of how Norma Jeane turned a devastating childhood into a booming career, taking Hollywood by storm and becoming one of the most celebrated faces in the history of stardom.

From a little girl who was abandoned to the ultimate glamour girl!

Raised by foster parents and in an orphanage, all strikes were against Norma Jeane, but she refused to be put down and refused to release her dream until she had it in her grasp.

Learn the real story behind Marilyn Monroe’s enduring spirit.

Draw profound inspiration from 50 facts about how Norma Jeane became Marilyn Monroe:

*Her difficult childhood

* The beginnings of her career

* Her pursuit of the elusive dream

* Her rise to stardom

* And a deeper look into the soul of the woman whose image we’ll never forget.

Take a brief look at some facts about the model and actress that aren’t commonly discussed.

You can gain an even better understanding of the depth of character that wouldn’t allow Norma Jeane to quit.

Marilyn Monroe a candle in the wind: 50 fascinating facts about Norma Jeane will be an excellent guide to help you understand that you too can achieve your dreams:

*Norma Jeane had all of the cards stacked against her.

*She paid her dues and made it to the top honestly.

*She took advantage of every opportunity that was presented to her.

*She surrounded herself with people who would influence her future.

*She was a much deeper woman than many give her credit.


BE MOTIVATED to discover how you too can get the most out of life!

Follow in Norma Jeane’s footsteps and go beyond your own humble circumstances to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

To get started on the new you;

Download now and become inspired today!

Free on 24th - 28th Jul 14
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