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Book One of the Reckless Series

A Contemporary New Adult College Romance

Ellie and Logan’s love story begins one hot August night…


My mom betrayed me in the worst way possible. I can’t forgive her, but I can outwit

her. I’m going to unravel the family secret she’s been keeping from me my whole

life. So I’m going to college across the state from her, to the place that has the

answers. I hope. But I have to be careful or I’ll blow everything. I can’t tell anyone

what I’m doing.

I didn’t mean to fall in love. I can’t afford to give my heart away or open up to

anyone, least of all charming, rich, former bad boy baseball star Logan Walker. But

he looked so adorable sitting there nursing a black eye the night I met him at my

very first campus event. The way he held my hand made me flush in the suffocating

heat of August and feel really beautiful for the first time in so long I can’t remember.

My scar didn’t even hurt.

But Logan’s moods are mercurial. He’s keeping secrets of his own that are too dark

to share, even with me. We agree to be just friends. But our hearts and bodies have

minds of their own. Before I know it, I’m in too deep with him and the answer to the

family secret I came to campus to find may be the thing that tears us apart.

This is a contemporary romance with mature themes, language, and situations.

Readers should be over 17!

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>New Adult and College Romance

>Contemporary Romance

>Coming of Age Romance

>Women’s Fiction

Free on 5th Jan 18
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