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A Masquerade ball. A man in a beast mask.
This ballgown is going to get very, very dirty.

I run a coffee shop on the East side. But the business is going under.
No business, no job.
The Masquerade Ball is our chance to find cash and fast.
Lots of rich dudes, with nothing better to do with their time.
So, there I am. Hair, makeup, silver ballgown. The whole nine yards.
And a tall stranger in a horned mask asks me to dance.
Turns out he’s got money too.
A handsome stranger and investor all in one night?
Sounds like a fairy tale…

The ball ended.
I stumbled into my house, drunk on excitement.
It was definitely her! Those eyes, her smell…it was the same.
I’d woken up on my eighth birthday, with stag’s horns on my head, and red gold fur all over my body.
‘You’re a shape shifter, Bren. But you can learn to control it’. My mother had said.
And I wanted to for Rachel.
Because I wanted her. I had to have her.

The beast inside me was waiting to ravish her and make her mine. Maybe together we could break the curse.

From Top #300 Author Angela Blake…

**A fairytale, shifter-style romance. No cliffhangers. Very mature themes. And a HEA. And Bonus Content!**

Free on 4th - 8th Mar 18
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