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What must you do today to triple your sales in 12 months?

The B2B Sales Blueprint will empower you to answer this question.

In five phases, you will learn how to transform your results by melding new technology with timeless fundamentals. From his experience winning business with 16 Fortune 500s and companies across many verticals, Dan Englander offers a hands-on guide to lead generation, sales, and productivity.

What’s inside:

The Lead Generation Blueprint
Build a steady stream of leads by systematizing and outsourcing your outbound process.
The First Conversation
Use provided templates to plan your conversations and win more deals.
Following Up and Closing
Get to the next step and avoid the pitfalls responsible for over 80% of all lost opportunities.
Staying Sharp
Adopt positive sales habits to set the stage for long-term improvement.
Exclusive Library of Apps, Tools, and High-Tech Shortcuts
Use technology to understand your buyers, automate your processes, and make life easier.

After reading The B2B Sales Blueprint you will:

Set and achieve specific, KPI-grounded lead generation goals.

Successfully delegate prospecting to affordable specialists.

Gain new confidence on sales calls with the help of small lifestyle changes.

Know how to get consistent referrals from customers and partners.

Invest your time and energy in the most promising opportunities.

To enjoy these results, you should be ready to think creatively and take action. The Blueprint is for salespeople of all stripes: entrepreneurs, business development professionals, business owners, and anyone who comes into direct contact with prospects and customers.

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Free on 1st - 5th Feb 16
View on Amazon.co.uk


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