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A Hand-Picked Compilation of the Most Popular & Powerful Messages About Living Your Passionate Purpose

Money.Power.Wisdom has been published since 2007. Over this time, I have written over 150,000 words spanning 350+ blog posts. After sifting and sorting through them, I compiled this collection of a select few posts that represent the very best “Words of Encouragement” and share the essence of “living your passionate purpose”.

These WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT will transform your life. They will comfort and encourage you. Inspire and motivate you. Give you perspective and direction. Soothe and calm you. And they will make you feel vibrantly alive!

Here’s what you’ll find in Volume 1 of this “WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT – The Best of Money.Power.Wisdom” collection…

* 3 precious lessons I wish someone had taught me while growing up – but am delighted to have learned now

* Why it’s so important to get really good at things – and the rest doesn’t matter all that much

* How to slow down amidst the rush and haste – and smell the roses, watch the rain, or smile at a child

* A little known secret method to make things count – by imagining that there’s only little left of them

* The provocative question to ask yourself – and answer in a way that’s right for you!

* A tiny shift in perspective that will ensure that you’re always a ‘winner’

* Effective ways to deal with critics and others who pull you down – so that you can soar to your true potential

* 5 powerful lessons an important man in my life taught me – by the way he lived!

* 7 ways even death can be purposeful

* A ‘call to action’ geared to get you off your backside – and doing what you want to… right away

* Keen insight into what makes your role in life so vital – and how to make a difference in your world

* How to overcome dogma and tradition to follow your heart – and the magic of what happens next

* Amazed that the rich aren’t always happy, the famous always at peace? Here’s the reason why – and how to avoid the trap yourself

* A refreshing viewpoint that will transform the way you view your life – and make every new day a magical experience

* A kick in the pants to jolt you out of the past – and on the fast track to embracing your future

* Reflections on what life really means… and how much it will matter many years later

* Analyses of what makes us feel wealthy, busy and happy – with prescriptions to get you out of any mental ruts you’re in

… and a crisp advisory for life, summarizing the most valuable messages I’d leave the world with.

* If I only had five minutes to live, this is what I’d tell my daughter!

As you can see, WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT is packed with value. Pick up your copy today and see what a difference it makes to the way you think, feel and live!

Free on 23rd - 25th Nov 23
View on Amazon.co.uk


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