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2022 Gold Medal Winner awarded by Readers’ Favorite.

Poetry For Your Soul – Stunning Photographs

Zoom to Heaven
The most beautiful love poem
Where God is not there
A handful of cloud
During the night

These are some of the titles of the poetry you will read in this beautiful, inspiring collection complemented by captivating nature photographs.

Read poems about God and having a relationship with Him. Poems about trust, missing a loved one, childhood memories, Christmas, Heaven, Easter…

Other poems are lovely stories, the length of a page.

The poetry is easy to understand. It is for everyone whether poetry is your genre or not, you will enjoy it.

Free on 9th - 13th May 24
View on Amazon.co.uk


"Christian devotional poems with some good pieces but overall very similar in structure and theme."

Reviewer: .

This does not resize on the Cloud Reader, which bodes ill for layout. For poetry layout can be critical and books with a fixed reading size either follow it faithfully in ebook format or are a mess. Unpromisingly, the text resizes on the inside, but this leads to pages flowing into each other, rather than page breaks being used to separate them correctly.

There are colour photos of flowers, some edited by overlaying sections on themselves, before we reach the Table of Contents. The description, dedication, and comments hint at a religious theme, and this indeed follows through the works. In fact, every other topic mentioned in the description is largely viewed through the lens of religion.

These poems are, in the main, devoted to the Christian faith. Very few do not offer praise to God or contemplate on his nature or the nature of faith itself. Many are close to paeans or testimonials. For non-Christians, this may hold little appeal, though it can be considered separately for its own artistic merits.

The author favours a freeform non-rhyming scheme, using scansion and rhythm to convey emphasis. Some of these works, for example The Contest, Rusty and Angel, and Sometimes..., read less like a poem and more to me, as a short story with unusual formatting. This makes it hard for me to review as I look for a rhythm to the words that simply is not there. It felt as though just as I began to follow it, I was pushed out as the flow failed me. The photographs simply separate the poems, with little to do with the content so far as I could see.

I did not find many poems here that resonated with me, though I will say that "Until you..." earned a re-read for it conveys its meaning in a few concise words, and yet carries so very many more unsaid. "Zoom to Heaven" is the 'if only' cry of everyone who has lost a loved one. "Let there be light," the last poem, focusing on the Biblical story of creation is to my mind one of the strongest, simply because it says something new about faith, and says it beautifully.

Some of the author's lines are nearly lyrical, and so very evocative, for example, "My window stopped crying"; a lovely way to describe the end of a storm. I will also say that this is a book about love - there is no place for intolerance or hate in the view of God this paints and it is overall a wholesome read.

Sadly I did encounter one major problem with this book. On loc 229 the book absolutely stalled and had to be reloaded to continue. While the photographs are extremely pretty, they do increase the loading and downloading time (and cost) significantly.

To me, this seems less a book of poems and more a devotional of Christianity and contemplation of faith. While artistically it has some interesting merit, it didn't call to me as some books do, perhaps because so many of the poems have the same message. For those looking for poems of a Christian nature to read, or a devotional to share with their children, this work has some very sweet stories and poems, though the formatting is unusual.

Rating: 3

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