We’ve found somewhere that takes video reviews. You can now find our new channel on Viuly.com here:

>> BookangelUK Video reviews

We get tokens for views on the videos, which our sponsor can convert to funds. The four original videos are up, but we apologise for the sound quality. More may follow if there is any interest.

Any views there would help. (Yes they also pay for referrals, but we aren’t asking anyone to sign up & subscribe to us unless they would anyway. Our referral link: Click here )

Two years ago we tried DailyMotion, but they became an issue – the same review was pulled five times due to copyright claims about the music, despite us sending the same response each time with the credit, code, and licence to use it. I am currently in favour of people who make a DMCA claim having to place a deposit against it – returned if the claim is upheld and given to the victim of a false claim otherwise.

We’re hoping Viuly will work better.