The January Newspaper column has been submitted, with four more reviews. Several of the authors have been notified on twitter or by email. However, we have been told the Citizen are skipping an issue in Feb, so the scheduled last feature will now be in July 2016.

We’ve been asked about how this feature could run long term. If you want to extend the reviews then please let the paper know that you are reading the feature through twitter, letters, etc. We can keep writing the reviews, but whether we get space for the feature is the papers’ decision.

We also have the new forum launched, and linked to the site as our new comments system. We are still migrating the content from the old phpBB, Discuss, Proboards and Comments onto it. You can find it in the menu, or at the link below:


Angel (2016-01-06)
It is certainly a shame that February is being missing out. I don't suppose they have given any kind of reason for this?

Bookangel (2016-01-07)
They aren't running a February print issue, and no reason was given for that.

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