Due to the increasing number of subscribers and our email limits, we are going to have to make a change to the emails.

From now on if a user hasn’t opened the Personalised Free eBooks email in three months but are reading the weekly reviews, we will remove them from the Free eBooks list, sending only the reviews. (If you have customised the free ebooks email, you won’t be affected and will continue receiving emails as normal.)

This saves us sending unwanted emails, and saves users from receiving them. Affected users can sign back up to the daily emails through the “Edit your subscription” link at the bottom of the reviews email.

This change is necessary because our subscriber numbers are closing on 5,000 for the reviews email alone. With the daily free ebooks emails, it is becoming a significant overhead.

We are looking at a way to drop the frequency of the free ebooks email to weekly or bi-weekly for these users who don’t read frequently rather than removing it completely, but that will take time to develop.

And thank you to all our readers – we have far more than we ever expected!