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News & Updates

Review Aside a.k.a. the comments that don’t quite make it into a review… Updates Monthly. with thanks to

The Croydon Citizen came out yesterday. The next set of reviews are on page 5, and with the included covers in colour this time. “Dinosaur Lake” by K. Meyer Griffiths – a monster story and adventure, when a dinosaur arises from a lake. “The Death Planner” by Gillan Larkin – a cozy mystery about an […]

We’ve changed the way the third party reviews run, and made a few more changes at the back end which have speeded the site up again. The loading time should be down to 2-3 seconds per page now, so the site should be running far better across the board. We’d really like to get a […]

There have been a few updates in the last few weeks, so this will be a long update. First, every Upcoming Book now has a function where readers can add reminders to their calendars on Google etc. The social buttons are back, thanks to Addthis, which runs more smoothly than the old set. There is […]

Croydon Citizen January 2016 - Bookangel book reviews (click for larger image)

The Croydon Citizen 2016 is out, and with it our book review feature. This month it is on page 3 at the bottom,  so open the cover and find four ebooks staring at you! Our reviews this month are: Now by Wanda Jefferson – an emotionally wrenching and well-written poetry collection about the inner cities. […]

The January Newspaper column has been submitted, with four more reviews. Several of the authors have been notified on twitter or by email. However, we have been told the Citizen are skipping an issue in Feb, so the scheduled last feature will now be in July 2016. We’ve been asked about how this feature could […]

2015 has been a busy year. We’ve upgraded the mailserver, and the webserver, and had to move our mail to a third party when it reached 25,000 mails a week and our host complained. As a club this made money rather tight, so we moved to RiotAds, which unfortunately was a duff move as the […]

The Croydon Citizen December 2015 is out, and with it the indie ebooks column. We’re on page 10, at the bottom. With the new format, we reviewed four books: Shirley Link and the Safe Case by Ben Zackheim Reservoir Cats by Penel Ashworth SpiderStalk by D. Nathan Hillard Prunes for BreaKfast by John Searanke If […]

It has been a very busy weekend on the technical front. Building on all the database work in November, we’ve now updated the Search so you can now search on ASIN, Author, or Exact Phrase. We’ve also updated the Reviews email to improve the way it handles third party reviews. They are now a lot […]

The sidebar cover images as a demo (using this weeks sponsor)

We’ve replaced OIOPublisher and RiotAds with a simpler solution. There are now three spaces in the sidebar for cover images and titles, which can take a maximum of six books on rotation. The charge is $5 to have your book there for one calendar month. All users have to submit is name, ASIN, and email. […]

The site upgrades are underway, and this is just a general update on progress. We have ended our association with RiotAds, due to the ongoing video problems, and the ads have been removed from the site. There has been an immediate increase in traffic of around 10%, so it seems the site really was breaking […]

An update on our changes: We’re looking at moving to Aweber to handle our email lists. As their solution offers everything we need it should be simple to use, and payment is subscriber-based not per-email resulting in a significant cost saving. We’re now on patreon, as you might have noticed from Twitter. Sponsorships starts at […]

We have a few new site updates to deal with coming up, so we thought we’d give people some warning. We’ve already made a few changes you might notice: Long Term Free ebooks are now checked when they drop out of Free. If they return to it inside a week, they’ll be listed on the […]

You may have noticed a few site slowdowns over the last couple of months. This is due to the really unexpectedly high growth of the site. Last month we upgraded our server to double the amount of memory, which we thought would solve the problem, but it rapidly returned. This Friday we found that the […]

We’ve been contacted by more than a few authors and readers somewhat upset at the end of the newspaper column. While we have reached out to other papers, syndicates, and possible sponsors, nothing is likely to come in in time to run an August column, which we would have to file by 15th July. Given […]

Reality Barks: A Rescue Dog's Funny Story (Mutt to Megastar Book 1)
Escape to Osprey Cove: Book 1 of The Osprey Cove Lodge Series
Reality Barks: A Rescue Dog's Funny Story (Mutt to Megastar Book 1)
Escape to Osprey Cove: Book 1 of The Osprey Cove Lodge Series