7th October 2014

We have made substantial changes to the site in the past few weeks. Several new features are now available:

Sponsor the Site – a $5 feature for one book a week to promote the site
Improved search – searching by length and relevance is now available. Some browsers will also support our AJAX book suggestion dropdown.
New Genres – ten genres added to non-fiction.
Contact Page
Weekly reviews email.
Twitter and Newsletter signups now on homepage
Twitter now includes targeted#hashtags.
New stat counter – and the amount of visitors is more than we thought!

Other new features in beta:

Universal Booklink – http://ebk.link/[ASIN] will go to your book’s page on the viewer’s country. A stats page and quicklink to bookangel (& bookangel reviews) option are upcoming.
Kindle Unlimited – we’re going to add a KU setting for books, which means our archives will be more useful. We may release a Bookangel KU reccomended email, which would feature one book per day
Newsletters by genre – instead of the huge daily email, we’re working on a one genre a day email option, which will include reviews.
Update this book – allowing authors to update their books on request, which will pick up changes like new descriptions or covers.
Archive displays. Many of the older books are in the database several times as they have been submitted by authors, bloggers and publishers. We’re working on a way to resolve this. We also want an option for if the book has changed ASIN or is now only available in print or as part of an anthology.