Dear Readers,

We are aware that there have been some issues with the site, so here is the update.

As you are aware we are all volunteers. One of our members has been critically ill since last September and in June of this year our IT specialist was admitted to hospital following a heart attack.

This would not have been a problem except that this was when the hosting company we hired the servers from, discontinued the server plan and turned off the site without notice. This was also when the discontinued telephone support leaving us unable to contact them. Now that our volunteer is out of hospital, we are restoring the site completely from backups.

If you wish to help with this process, if you have submitted a book in the past, please check your books listing is present. If it is not, please submit it through our standard submit a book page. If you do not have a free run coming up, please set it for a one day run the following day and tick “do not show in upcoming ebooks” option. The various processes will run through and put it into the correct category overnight, .

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will be getting normal service resumed as soon as possible.

Please be patient as we are, after all, volunteers doing this for the love of books.


Please leave comments below, we are currently manually moderating them, so allow 24 hours for them to show up.