In it’s third year the Stephen Memorial Award for books with Cats of Distinctive Character has been won by



Steve Callahan

Once again, there were many excellent stories for us to read through and narrowing it down to a shortlist was as hard as ever.

This year’s winner was an excellent tale of a kitten overcoming her disabilities and making friends along the way. Inspired by his daughter, it can help to give understanding and appreciating everyone around, no matter how different they may appear to be.

The three runners up were:

  • Curse of the Jenri – Strength, Spirit and their siblings, new born kitten familiars to an unwitting mage.
  • Cecilia’s Tale – Cecilia, A cat growing up on the street’s of Jerusalem.
  • Summer of the Missing Muse – Pillow, a fluffy ball of pride that rules the roost.

This years competition was, once again, in support of CatChat – the rescue charity, and equalled last year in raising enough to rehome 20 cats.

For more about the competition, and more comments on the cats, you can also see it on its own site at: