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Dead Willow

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...Given the lovely creepy concept, some stunning visuals, and good writing, this is definitely one horror readers should look up....

Readers expecting a traditional plot and story in Dead Willow will be disappointed: it is less a story than a collection of seperate plots, set pieces, and character studies. While the ostensible heroine and lead makes some very dodgy decisions towards the end, it is forgivable because she’s not the main character, the main viewpoint character, or even the one we spend the most time with. This isn’t the story of one person, it’s a complex portrait of an entire town with its rivalries and conflicts, and a very dark secret at its core.

It is also delightfully creepy with some horrific visuals that will stay with you long after you have put the book down. The multiple threads mean the reader finds things out far ahead of the characters, so there are few real shocks, but suspense abounds and it performs the difficult task of keeping the reader hoping even when they can see how things will go from very early on. As a classic horror it does not have a good ending for anyone involved, which perhaps makes it a stronger book.

With secrets within secrets, a whole community rotten and rotting at its core, Dead Willow is disturbing and occasionally outright horrifying. Given the lovely creepy concept, some stunning visuals, and good writing, this is definitely one horror readers should look up.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (16 October 2016)
Lovely and creepy and two things that I believe work well together, and the fact that you throw in some good writing and good visuals, and you have a good base recipe there for a winner. I am excited for this one, so thank you again.

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