Dinosaur Lake II :Dinosaurs Arising

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Dinosaur Lake II :Dinosaurs Arising

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...a strong and enjoyable sequel that fans of pulp, gore and dinosaurs should enjoy....

Set five years after the events of Dinosaur Lake, Crate Lake finds itself host to mysterious inhabitants again. This time, they can fly…

Most of the main surviving cast returns, and one thing I do like is that the characterisation follows across from the first book with no sudden shifts. They may be older, a little more tired, and a lot more cynical, but the rangers of crater lake, Zeke, Ann and the others are still recogniseable from the first book. Ellie Stanton is a nice addition to the cast, although the only slight complaint I have is that as a veteran/spiritualist/Native American/catowner/guide she seems to be just about everything in the plot. Ann’s side story kept me reading, even though it was unlikely to be resolved in the book.

There’s little suspense here, as the story goes straight into dinosaurs attacking people, but the attack scenes are effective and disturbing, and I have to give credit for the trolley car attack which is truly horrific. Helicopters and the army replace the submersible and FBI of the first book. The attacks are less action and more horror, as it is obvious that they can end only one way and like the Rangers, the reader can only watch. If nothing else, this author can write combat scenes!

It doesn’t escalate as far or as fast as the first book – one attack and they are taking the fight to the dinosaurs – but that seems reasonable since they’se seen what happens when these things are allowed to spread. There’s a plot thread about a disease that is touched on and not really used, but that might be something for the next book.

Over all, a strong and enjoyable sequel that fans of pulp, gore and dinosaurs should enjoy.

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