Fifty Shades of Zane Grey

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Fifty Shades of Zane Grey

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...Cover, grammar, spelling, they are all fine, although it was hard to see at times through the tears of laughter. I'm still smiling writing the review....

The absolutely hysterical Civil War romance of a rich western railroad baron fond of mules, and a clumsy, not-bright, lady prone to over-dramatise everything and act like a goose – specifically a Canada Goose.

This is not one for those who like 50 Shades of Grey. For the rest of us, or those who don’t take 50 Shades seriously, it’s laugh out loud. The second Anna starts talking about her Inner Spinster, I giggled. When her Inner Spinster turn out be be capable of pulling her strings by kicking parts of her brain, well… By the end of the first paragraph I was hooked.

A certain author’s style is parodied and copied wonderfully: “Tendrils of hair escape my head, landing on the porch, and running off.”

Historical accuracy? Civil War issues? No, just pages and pages of something that Fifty Shades really had coming. There’s no graphic sex but definitely adult, and downright dirty, humour throughout. Mr Grey’s kinks are…let’s just say, he’d rather call her Clara Belle. This is very funny, very very silly, and knows it. The story revels in its own daftness, and the phrase “completely cracked” came to mind several times while reading.

Cover, grammar, spelling, they are all fine, although it was hard to see at times through the tears of laughter.

Potential audiences would be anyone who likes adult humour, anyone who wants to see Fifty Shades get skewered, and readers who like satire or parody or just downright silly books. I’m still smiling writing the review.

For everyone else, Read the Look Inside. If you laugh, buy the book because it is all like that.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (25 September 2016)
Huh, this sounds like an interesting one. I cannot help but think it has something to do with the other book, which I did not read, but I am intrigued at this one. I am always up for a story that makes me laugh, and it sounds like it did the trick for you.

atry (26 September 2016)
It is funnier if you've read 50 shades. My first read I hadn't and it was kind of funny but not great. Then I read a roast of 50shades and a lot of the jokes fell into place. It's a really good skewering of it.

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