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Hear Me

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Married couple Joana and Goncalo are mourning the death of their daughter. While they drift apart, rarely speaking to each other, Goncalo suddenly hears a ghostly voice. Transfixed by it, he decides to try and record it believing the sounds to be a message coming from their dead daughter. But when he tries to get Joana to listen to what he can hear, she hears nothing. Enraged, at what he sees as her lying to him, Goncalo decides that the only way forward is to set up multiple tape recorders to try and capture it, while Joana wonders what happened to the man she married as she watches his new obsession consume him.

Hear Me is a short supernatural based horror story following the unhappy couple. The plot is not that unusual, but this is a good version of the story and it gives very few clues even after it has finished as to whether this is a psychological drama of someone losing their mind through grief or if there is something more intangible and supernatural about it. The story is based around how they think and interact, cutting from viewpoint to viewpoint. It is an interesting character driven piece as they both come across strongly in their feelings and reactions.

The story itself is well written although there are a few errors in the spelling and for those expecting a longer story, it could certainly have been more fleshed out, but it is complete enough as it is. If the intention was to leave you wondering, then it certainly succeeded.

Rating: 4
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