It’s a Woman’s World: How to Command Respect At Any Workplace and Be Treated and Paid As An Equal

...For anyone looking to handle realworld situations, this book is not particularly useful....

After many years working in IT, I am very familiar with the problem of women not being taken seriously, so I grabbed this when I saw it. I was disappointed.

Phrases such as “be mindful of your own power” are fine, but there is a definite lack of concrete actions and suggestions. There are no negotiation strategies, solid advice on “How” to be mindful of your power, suggested ways to approach or handle people, etc.

Instead, the law of attraction is mentioned, as well as very basic advice on how to run a team. There’s also victim-blaming: the book states that it is often women’s fault for having the wrong attitude. It also state specifically that threats that a boss hurls are empty. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they are not. It would be nice to have this acknowledged.

In places the English is very poor, and I wondered whether it was cribbed from online or PLR. There are even examples in the blurb: “This book has given you ample points to prove the same.” The formatting has large white gaps between sections, making it irritating to read. While it is written by a female author, I had to check, as the references to “Women” as different from workers and people were jarring.

For anyone looking to handle real world situations, this book is not particularly useful. It isn’t even inspiring, as the advice boils down to “change your attitude and the problems will go away” – dangerous and ineffective in situations where a woman may be working with an actual predator or running into genuine discrimination.

I can’t recommend this to any readers. If I hadn’t got it for free, I would feel worse.

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Power On (9 March 2017)
Whilst you are reading this book, you really should keep in mind the audience it was intended to be read by: Teenagers and young adults. People who may not have a lot of real world working experience yet. These are the one's who find more use in the inspirational type of advice found in this book. This is the type of advice that young people can use to motivate them to take action in a particular way. Once they do take that action for a few years, they will be more knowledgeable and equipped to relate to advice that is more real-world specific. This is a good book for a young demographic.

Reader (9 March 2017)
Given the poor quality of both the English and the advice, I don't think so, unless of course you believe a woman being harrassed is at fault instead of her harrasser. Also, the edition we have states it is for professional women at all levels, not just young people.

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