Old MacDonald had a Haunted House

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Old MacDonald Had A Haunted House

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...a Halloween-themed version of "Old MacDonald had a Farm"...it's short, simple, and there really isn't very much to it. ...

This is a Halloween themed version of “Old MacDonald had a Farm”, illustrated by the author with black and white pencil artwork in a simple sketched style.

It could be fun for performance and I could see a playschool group singing it at a party. Since it is sixteen verses long, so you can cut a few for sanity .However it is definitely designed to be sung rather than read, although fitting the extra syllables on the end of the titular line is a bit of a tongue twister!

There are a few missing commas, and in places the rhymes are a bit forced and syllables don’t quite fit. My only real issue is the verse saying he “tortured kids” – even though it’s made clear it’s tickle torture, that could lead to awkward questions from children of the age this is aimed at (Age 6 at the oldest.) It’s not a bad book, but there’s no real hook that would make me buy this version, rather than writing my own or one of the other hundreds of Halloween songs for children that are available.

I’d suggest this more for adults planning a party than as children’s reading material. It’s short, simple, and there really isn’t very much to it.

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Meandering (20 March 2017)
I liked this, as reading it with my primary class saved me so much work on creating Halloween resources.

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