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Lake Ness - Book Cover

Ex-alcoholic Gerry is roped into helping his cousin, Marnie, run an outdoor camp for difficult children. The location is an unfinished government camp in the middle of nowhere next to a large lake. Helping them is Jim, Marnie’s boyfriend, and they are responsible for 11 teenagers and one kid. Notable among them is Corey, who […]

I want Vengeance - Book Cover

Jonathan Harper spends his schools days trying to avoid being bullied by the O’Keefe brothers and their gang. Everyone including the teachers are afraid of them, but Jonathan is a favourite target of theirs. One day, they catch him hiding with his friend Giles and after being assaulted, finds all his books damaged and that […]

The Novice Ghost Hunter - Book Cover

Malachi Hunter always had a fascination with the supernatural, but currently spends his days working for his father’s gardening business. His hobby becomes more important when Anna, one of the friends he hangs around with on Saturday night, asks him to look at a house. Working for a letting Agency, the last two sets of […]

The Bloody Ballad of Isaac Byler - Book Cover

Isaac Byler is a broken man and has been since the death of his wife to cancer. Living in an Amish community with his daughter Kyla, he is visited at night by his friend Eli who has bad news. Isaac has to leave the community the following day after he assaulted another person in front […]

Across the Veil - Book Cover

Natalie Thurmont, an actress on a popular TV show, is actually Talia, a Fae princess from Summerland. She is found by Faldo, her betrothed and the reason she fled from her home. In return for not taking her back home, all Faldo wants her to do is find Keth, his younger brother and the Fae […]

The Rule of Lachesis – Book 1: Awakenings - Book Cover

In a far distant part of the universe, three beings escape with an object of power called the Rule of Lachesis, one of the three goddesses that had created the universe. The Rule gives the ability to warp space and time to the owner’s will. Fleeing for their lives, they see their planet being destroyed […]

The Forgotten Engineer - Book Cover A humorous survivalist sci-fi that shows what an engineer can do with a little bit of inspiration.
The Witch with the Wonky Broomstick - Book Cover A set of children's poems who will appreciate the humour
Black Willow - Book Cover A good coffee-time horror read, that might just darken your boring day.
She’s The One Who Thinks Too Much - Book Cover a light and enjoyable fantasy which fans of the genre will enjoy
Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball - Book Cover A fine romance for fans of the genre to enjoy.
The Girl Who Crossed The Line - Book Cover a prequel that with a little too much world-building but has some fine interwoven storytelling.
Gaijin Samurai - Book Cover A tragic tale of a samurai's journey through Japan
She’s Mine - Book Cover A romantic thriller blurring the lines between love and hate.
Witch Hunt - Book Cover An enjoyable fantasy story with an interesting cast if characters.
Welcome Home - Book Cover A coffee-time short on one man's moral code in the depths of war
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