The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat: A Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mystery

...Charming, definitely one for cat lovers, and for cozy mystery fans it's a lovely entertaining read....

(I should admit up-front that we’re biased. One of the club members has a rescue Maine Coon hybrid.)

The story is told from his owner, Beatrice, point of view, in third person. Hamish is just a cat – a large, curious, intelligent cat who likes to steal. Fortunately he normally steals evidence that Beatrice needs for an investigation, because otherwise he would drive the neighbours mad. Her other cat, Lucky, is just beginning to pick things up from him.

What is really lovely about this book is that the male and female leads, Beatrice and Matthew, really are just friends. They’ve tried being married, it didn’t work, and they know they are better as friends. The sheriff’s constant irritation with the amateur sleuth, who he knows can solve the case but might not do so in a way admissable in court, is completely believable. The focus on procedure is really tight, and Beatrice knows when to let the sheriff take the lead.

The writer knows cats. Having to put a lock on the kibble cupboard door rings so true (one of our members had to put a brick against the fridge). I’m not sure what the rules are on evidence stolen by cat, but the way the thieving Maine Coon gets his clues is hilarious. His poor owner is in the middle of telling him off when he drops a smartphone in her lap.

The mystery is fairly simple and straightforward with no really unexpected twists, but it is the way it unravels, and the characters they meet along the way, that gives the story its charm. Hamish sometimes seems a little too smart, but then I’ve seen Maine Coons figure out levers and pull out power cords when they aren’t getting enough attention. The only problem I have is that he is too biddable, and on one occasion actually does what he is told!

Charming, definitely one for cat lovers, and for cozy mystery fans it’s a lovely entertaining read.

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Angel (27 December 2015)
I wound up giving this one a look as well. It's pretty good, one of those books you can finish in an hour or so with a glass of something to unwind.

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