The Tooth Fairy Trap

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The Tooth Fairy Trap

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...A useful book for parents, and an entertaining one for children, but some comma questions and a focus on bubblegum prevent me from giving it top rankings....

Trying to catch Santa has been a pastime for many, many, children over many, many, years. Gavin has a new spin on it: after two weeks of wiggling his tooth has finally fallen out, and now he can try to catch the Tooth Fairy.

I can’t fault the formatting, which is clearly laid out with large text. There is a single black and white illustration at the end of each chapter. I did cringe at a few commas, but that’s mainly the ongoing Oxford comma debate, so it may be correct in the US. UK readers might note the Americanisms e.g. the spelling, the silver dollar, and the popularity of bubblegum. However, it doesn’t detract much from the story, especially if it is something that a parent is going to read to a child.

Getting to the story, Gavin’s plots, from bubblegum to tape to…well, I won’t spoil it more, but they are innovative, devious, and amusing to read about. This isn’t an early reader book, more for primary schoolers, or for parents to read with children who are starting to lose their baby teeth. I’m not sure how old Gavin and Amber are meant to be, they could be anywhere between five and seven, but they would be easy for children to identify with.

For adults thinking about buying it for their children, I think the final morale and line about brushing teeth more make it worth considering. For parents trying to make children less upset about loosing their teeth, it would be a great distraction. Finally for tooth fairies out there, beware: it might give certain children ideas…


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