Why won’t Horace come out to play?

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Why Won't Horace Come Out To Play?

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...I can't give it a high rating because of the spelling errors and in a book this short, those should be fixed....

Horace hides inside his house and won’t play with them, so the neighbourhood children decide to pester him until he comes out.

Initially I did not think I would be able to review this, as the cloud reader kept freezing from all the images. However, eventually the whole book loaded.

The book itself is in a portrait layout similar to a scanned print book, a format that is common to many children’s books due to the difficulty of formatting ebook illustrations. This is no exception: each page has pencil and pencil crayon artwork, lightly shaded, which is done it a style to attract children. It also works as a flip book in places, where paging on changes the picture just enough for an impression of time passing.

The text of the story is told in a line or two of bright red text at the bottom of each page, as part of the image. This does, unfortunately, mean that it can’t be resized and the size of text varies from page to page.

There is one glaring problem with this book however, and that is spelling. I can’t recommend it to children learning to read because the mistakes (new/knew and know/no) are obvious, jarring, and repeated. It is the kind of mistake that drops you out of the story.

Loc 9, 19 “…none of them new why.”
then loc 67 “But know one was quite sure.”

I can’t give it a high rating because of those errors and in a book this short, those should be fixed. Rather than give an artifically low rating, I’m putting this as unrated. Fix the proofing and let me know and it will go up.

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rz3300 (14 September 2016)
That is pretty disappointing to see spelling errors having an effect on the story, but you are right, this is something that should be fixed before being published or released. Especially if it is a shorter work, and it kind of makes you wonder if it was rushed out, which is never good. Even the inclination might be dangerous for some readers, and be enough to avoid it.

djbook (15 September 2016)
The artwork looks great, but as you said, it does require some fixing. I think the author is fixing it right now, since the book is no longer visible/available on the website. Its giving the 404 error. Hopefully, it will be better when reworked. Self-publishing platforms are great that way since they do allow authors to edit there work as many times as they like. Updation does not require waiting for the next batch of the books to be printed. Its quick and easy.

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