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For authors whose titles are on Kobo, and not Amazon, we now offer a way to list your books and sales.

If your book and discount are available on Amazon or Amazon and Kobo, please use our standard submit form: Submit your book.

If your title and sale are listed on Kobo and not Amazon, you can now submit your Kobo book and sale or bargain run for a listing on bookangel, using the form below. (The ASIN field is for reference, if your book is on both.)

Listing is free, although you take the chance we may select your title for review, and reviews may not be positive. We don’t restrict listing by number of reviews, or book length, but please note, content on the site must be PG-13, and your book must be on sale on Kobo in the UK, not just the US. By submitting you are agreeing that we may review the book, and listings may be withdrawn without notice. PLEASE NOTE: Book listings depend on Kobo making the book available to partners.

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