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Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need to Know, How to Eat Healthy (New Beginning Book): Healthy Living, How to Lose Weight Fast, Healthy Diet, Fast Metabolism Diet

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For the time of the evolution, humankind had to fast so many times that the body has developed the perfect defense mechanism against starvation death. Beginning as early as from the third day of fasting, it is sufficient to consume only 100-200 grams of one’s own fat per day to fully provide the body with energy. The reserve of minerals and salts in the body is enough for a few months of existence. A record of fasting documented in medicine is over 250 days, at this, with health improvement afterwards. As a rule, in the absence of food in extreme conditions, a cause of human death is not a lack of food but a psychological stress.

In recent years, one-day fasting became popular. Of course, in comparison with long-term fasting, they have a weaker effect. However, under certain conditions, the effect of even one-day fasting once a week, can increase dramatically. To achieve this, one-day fasting should be regularly repeated. Professor of Medicine Koda Mitsuo, famous for his research in the field of fasting, says the following:

‘If you fast in the end of every week and carefully go out of fasting, you’ll get an effect like from a long-term fasting. In half a year or a year, you’ll become healthy beyond recognition.’

Here You Will Learn…

One Day Fasting Rejuvenates the Body for Three Months
Why is Fasting Prolonging the Life Expectancy?
Fasting for Losing Weight
The Culture of Nutrition
Want to Lose Weight and Be Healthy?
Bonus! How to Choose Your Special Weight Loss Diet? Step-By-Step Guidelines! (Complete collection – save $2.99)
Much, much more!

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Free on 21st Aug 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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