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Free on 9th - 13th Nov 17
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The Smoothie Handbook

«Warning…these recipes are extremely addicting. Your energy can boost up to 10 times!»

Every day we spend a lot of time to get to the office, for taking away our children from school, on shopping in a supermarket. This routine tightens and you don’t notice how your energy which is necessary to you for communication with family, friends, colleagues, for productive work, is spent for something absolutely useless. When did last time you see really eco-vegetables or fruits in a vegetable department? The junk food negatively influences all parts of an organism, excess fat and lack of protein do a situation even worse. The organism begins to grow old even quicker. Energy isn’t enough for anything excluding sitting in a chair.

It is time to think of the mood, working capacity, and health!

Tired of cooking healthy food every day? Can’t present your life without sweets? Hate constant drowsiness in the middle of a day? NOT A BIG DEAL!

Now you will have a chance to begin the day with quick-cooking useful wake-me-up smoothies for breakfast, during the lunchtime make natural RedBull-substitute in a couple of minutes, and in the evening before going to bed make the relaxing cocktail. Is it really useful? Decide for yourself. What will help you with the solution of the above-described problems? The answer is the only one — «The Smoothie Handbook»!

Tell me more about your book

33 recipes are divided into chapters which will help you to choose the recipes according to the time of a day that they are best for. Each chapter is designed to help with something certain.

Breakfast smoothies — includes easy-to-follow wake-me-up recipes for breakfast. Because these ones are very tasty.Mid-day smoothies — includes mid-day energy booster recipes. Because one in ten people have persistent low energy.Evening smoothies — includes healthy evening snacks alternatives recipes. Because the healthy heart is the main part of human’s organism.Dinner smoothies — includes relaxing night time recipes that complement or replace dinner. Because it helps you to lose weight.

This book is written to help you improve your everyday health and boost your energy

Colorful photographs will have you salivating over easy-to-follow recipes. So what are you waiting for? Download and start your next day with healthy and tasty energy boosters!

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Hurry up! Last 3 days left for a special discounted offer! You can download essential 33 smoothie recipes that will make acting like a superhero for a price of only $0.99.

Scroll up to the top of the page and download your copy without hesitation to see immediate benefits!

Free on 9th - 13th Nov 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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