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Free on 13th - 17th Nov 18
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Murderers Who Killed Freely For Years: True Crime Stories Of Maniac Serial Killers

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The world in which we now live in is a product of years of war and brutality. It has created many macabre stories of men and women, while undergoing the change from a bloody war to a cold war.

I’m sure you have heard this before but let me remind you, monsters don’t hide under the bed or inside a wardrobe; they hide under the same skin as you have. Yes, you heard me right, men are the real monsters we should be afraid of.

I will tell you the stories of men who hid as sheep, who were completely vindicated by their life. But the wolf shows it’s true nature eventually. Sometimes they are never caught and can hide among their peers and blend into their surroundings. Alluding the authorities by the skin of their teeth, almost as if taunting them and giving them a little hope then slipping away right before their eyes.

This book will tell you about the gore and blood spread by such beings, on how they instilled fear in the heart of others by hiding and silently killing.

The stories include the misplaced justice of madam Popova, who killed men common to infidelity to Lewis Hutchinson, who killed for the sake of killing. Stories of killers like Moses Sithole who raped and killed their victims for self-preservation to Saeed Hanae, who killed prostitutes. Then there are the tales of the most sickening killers like Thomas Quick and Gregory Davis, who enjoyed the pleasure of the kill, before and after they died.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

True Crime Stories – Gregory Davis: The Son of a BaptistTrue Crime Stories – Markham Duff Smith: The Adoptive KillerTrue Crime Stories – Saeed Hanai: The Stripper KillerTrue Crime Stories – The Satermannan: Thomas QuickTrue Crime Stories – Catherine Desayes: The Alleged SorceressTrue Crime Stories – Lewis Hutchinson: The Mad MasterMuch, much more!

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Free on 13th - 17th Nov 18
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