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Surviving Chaos - Book Cover

With an ice storm approaching, Cassandra Drews is meeting up with he ex in a cafe when the lights go out. Shortly after, a car crashes through the front of the cafe and mayhem starts to unfold. It seems all electrical devices have stopped working and communications are down leaving everyone panicked over what might […]

Out of Time - Book Cover

In One More Tuesday, Josef wakes up on Tuesday morning, wondering how to approach Alice his nieghbour and haunted by the death of a pensioner and his dog killed by a street-car. And after they have died, he wakes up on Tuesday again to repeat it over again. He has lived the day so many […]

The Washer Woman - Book Cover

Anika O’Brien’s husband, Rory, has been missing for two weeks leaving her and her son alone in their Mayfair house. When a ransom note is delivered to the police, Anika sees no other option than to pay it and hope for Rory’s return. While the police continue to try and track down what has happened, […]

Zambaa: Masks and Gauntlets - Book Cover

Calvin Bush is not enjoying his job, or for that matter his life in general. Although given a choice to accompany his friend Lisa to an exhibition of African Artefacts, he turns it down to accompany his friend Norman on a double date. When he realises who the ladies are, he declines to stay for […]

The Vintage of Love - Book Cover

Leaving her marriage behind after her husband’s affair, newly divorced Elisabeth looks to recover in South Africa with her friend Patricia. Locally to her is the Burger Wine Estate where John, long term friend and original love of her life, works on his family vineyard, with the rest of his family. John’s problem is that […]

From Ashes - Book Cover

When Oliver Green is fired from his retail job, he finds himself trying to rescue a woman from a dark alley. When he is knocked out, he comes around in a hospital owned by trillionaire Alastair Dickins, who has a unique offer to work for him. Alastair is part of a unique club called “The […]

Finding Forever - Book Cover

After a bad day at work, Ava drops into a coffee shop where she meets Ryan. He buys her a coffee and they talk and finding a lot in common. When they discover a spark of passion between them, they decide to start a relationship. When they start their relationship, they find they have several […]

Portrait of a King - Book Cover

Lyana, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, finds herself falling in love with a soldier, Dradge, who she had known in her childhood but who had moved away with his family. But while he is making his way up the ranks in the army, she is taking a more subversive line against the kingdom. In […]

Trillion Dollar Sky - Book Cover

Living in the grip of an ecological disaster, Pia Lamotte is one of the best biologists on the planet. For that reason alone she is being hired by Natocorp, who have a mission to send a group of specialists to Ceres, a large asteroid floating in space, and strip mine it for all the valuable […]

At Roughly, For About - Book Cover

The last thing Richie was expecting to do was wake up. Finding himself fastened to a bed and in the care of Sierra whose role it is to guide newcomers to this particular afterlife where he discovers that everyone here arrived after they committed suicide. No-one knows why they go there, but everyone knows the […]

Cowboy Down - Book Cover

Ashley Tucker is a cowgirl having a bad day. Without placing in any of the events she entered in the rodeo, she is out of pocket and facing a long drive back home over several tedious days. But when she pulls up to s store in a quiet town, she enters to find it both […]

Blood Justice - Book Cover

Waiting nervously in deep space, merchant Jamal Abu Hasan has a cargo of young virgins ready for sale to an agreed buyer. Unfortunately, the agreed buyer turns out to be Zedekiah Wight, a zealot looking to free the slaves from their fate. With his ship, the Voidbringer, and it’s controlling AI Eve they look to […]

Shadow Stalker - Book Cover

Devon Myles is returning home from an archaeological expedition and looking forward to seeing her husband after such a long absence. To her horror, she finds him stabbed to death in the master bedroom and that the killer, Lewis, is still in the house. Lewis has been sent to retrieve an artefact and will torture […]

Eagle Fangs - Book Cover

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the ability to track all the nuclear warheads has become ever more difficult. Now four warheads have been sold to a group of terrorists who are looking to convert them to suitcase bombs that can be used in western cities around the globe. The camp where this is […]

Never - Book Cover

In a quest to find out about his past and his curse, Never (yes, that is his name), allows himself to be captured by the guards of Lord Firmita, who is rumoured to have the artefact Never is looking for. When Lord Firmita has no use for him and Never is thrown into the cells, […]

The Highland Dancer - Book Cover

Ainsley Mckinnon may have been born in Canada, but her ancestry was Scottish. Of all the heritage she adored, she loved to dance and from a young age it was her life. From the age of four onwards, she started to learn how to perform the various Scottish dances. Spending all her time practicing, she […]

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